Zhuang Su
The Hunger Artist
Date of birth:Unknown
Date of death:N/A
Occupation History
Occupation(s):Hunger Artist

Zhuang Su was born in a highly oppressed fief of the now-deceased Lord Biming Hung. Lord Hung was entitled to local laws, and at some point during Zhuang’s life, declared that nine parts in ten of all agricultural produce be stored in the castle in case of a drawn-out siege. Zhuang declared the law despicable, and claimed he could eat no food at all, and that Lord Hung would die of gluttony before Zhuang himself would die of starvation. Lord Hung heard his challenge, and often arranged feasts in front of Zhuang’s post in order to spite him. After several months, Lord Hung began to choke on a piece of bone at one such feast. Distaste of Biming and respect of Zhuang led to absolutely nobody - not even the personal guards - moving to save the choking lord, and he died that night. Zhuang did not break the fast, however, and instead migrated to another town, which was also known to be highly oppressed. Zhuang has now fasted in over fifty provinces over several decades. It is now known to be the greatest shame imaginable for Zhuang to sit down in one’s fief. Skeptics, heretics, and opponents claim that Zhuang is a master of arcane arts who can nourish himself through the summoning of sustenance. He has always refuted these claims, insisting that his survival stems solely from “pure and sheer willpower” alone. A lifetime of feats gained him recognition from the Emperor of Cathargalis, who granted him the title of Hunger Artist and a place amongst the Court of the Divine Roster of Heroes.

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