ZardezeiName (Zárdezi)
Pronunciation: [zɑːɹ.ˈde.ziː](?)
Native to:Gozenram, Shining South
Language family:Upper South Languages
Writing System
Writing system(s):Zardezi Alphabet
Period:12,900 B.S.R. - present
Official Status
Regulated by:- Priesthood of the The Spider
Official language in:Gozenram
QuestionMarkDefaultThe Zardezi speaking world
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Zardezi (Zardezi Script:ZardezeiName, pronounced [ˈʐär.dɜ.ʐi]) also colloquially known as Gozenrami, is a Southern language spoken in the city of Gozenram.


An Empyrian manuscript roughly detailing the syntax of Zardezi script, dated to c. 1732 S.R.


Nouns are declined for nine cases (nominative, accusative, genitive, dative, instrumental, ablative, locative, vocative, allative). There are three noun genders: masculine, feminine, and neuter. Words are commonly agglutinated to achieve adjectival effects, which is use in conjunction with a complex system of prepositions and morphemes to direct clarity and emphasis. Nouns have two genders (masculine and feminine), and two numbers (singular and plural)

Verbs are are at their most basic categorised by grammatical aspect. Verbs are classed as stative (verbs that depict a state of being), imperfective (verbs depicting ongoing, habitual or repeated action) or perfective (verbs depicting a completed action or actions viewed as an entire process). Verbs have four moods (indicative, imperative, subjunctive and optative), three persons (first, second and third), and two numbers (singular and plural).

Writing SystemEdit

The Zardezi language is written in an abugida. Originally, the written symbols were intended to be visual cues to their corresponding sound, however due to shifting handwriting styles across millennia, its distinctly pictographic features have evolved, giving way to ease of writing over visual consistency.


Zardezi Altan Equivalent IPA (general) Vocalised
Z letter a a ä
Open central unrounded vowel
Z letter e e ɜ
Open-mid central unrounded vowel
Z letter i i i
Close front unrounded vowel
Z letter o o
Mid back rounded vowel
Z letter u u ɤ
Close-mid back unrounded vowel
Z letter œ n/a œ
Open-mid front rounded vowel


Meaning Old Zardezi New Zardezi Altan Equivalent IPA (general) Vocalised
Wheat stalk Z old letter b Z letter b b b
Pool Z old letter d Z letter d d d
Tree Z old letter f Z letter f f f
Anvil Z old letter g Z letter g g ɡ
Plateau Z old letter h Z letter h h χ
Sickle Z old letter j Z letter j j
River Z old letter k Z letter k k k
Sun Z old letter l Z letter l l l
Paper Z old letter m Z letter m m m
Digging bar Z old letter n Z letter n n ŋ
Wind Z old letter p Z letter p p p
Cliff face Z old letter q Z letter q q q
Plough Z old letter r Z letter r r ɹ
Scroll Z old letter rr Z letter rr rr r
Earth Z old letter s Z letter s s s
Hook Z old letter sh Z letter sh sh ʃ
Fish Z old letter ch Z letter ch ch ç
Rope Z old letter t Z letter t t t
Mouth Z old letter y Z letter y y ʝ
Urn Z old letter z Z letter z z ʐ


Zardezi is loosely based off Proto Indo-European, with several small changes for aesthetic purposes. It is adapted as such especially so that it could be a feasible mother tongue for the Altean language family.

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