Young Officers Coup


coup d'état


1940 S.R.

Part of:

Gilderdammen Civil War


Decisive Young Officer victory


FlagGilderdammenSmall Gilderdammen

FlagJanderschtaff The Young Officers


FlagJanderschstaffKingdom Prince Tyrol Westarp †

FlagJanderschtaff Oberst Bernhardt Rogge

  • 400 loyal soldiers
  • 60 palace guardsmen
  • 3,000 defected soldiers

120 killed
340 captured

40 killed

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The Young Officers Coup of Janderschstaff was a military coup d'état executed by the Young Officer Movement, a group of junior Gilderdammic officers disillusioned by their perceived exploitation at the hands of the aristocracy, in 1940 S.R. Lead by supply corps officer Bernhardt Rogge, the Young Officers overthrew their commanders before leading troops into Mosbach and killing Prince Tyol Westarp, leaving the nation open for their rule.

Background Edit

At the time of the coup, the Gilderdammen Civil War had been raging for over 12 years with casualties well into the tens of thousands. Morale was universally low and desertion had reached epidemic proportions. Anti-military and anti-aristocratic sentiment swelled across the empire as the factions adopted broader conscription policies.

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