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The article is about the the modern Wilushan people, to read more about the historical nation of Wilusha, see: Wilusha
The Wilushan people (Wilushan: Ѡiluσa`iѵun) are a sub-ethic group of Vuscovites culturally and socially distinct from the rest of the Vuscovi peoples by a gap of several hundred to a few thousand years. Having converged as one people following the conquest of the first nation of Wilusha and the great northern migration of those not enslaved by the conquering Altean Empire (an event confirmed by archaeological evidence, with only the exact century of such an occurrence remaining a mystery), the Wilushan people have remained as willingly isolated pre-industrial hunters and farmers, or in the furthest north subarctic regions of Vasque, huddled villages of pre-agrarian hunters and gatherers.

All but unrecognised as a distinct people by the Tsardom that rules them, the modern era has seen Wilushan genocides, fruitless attempts of succession (most notably, the island of Takw'ycta), and a rise of Wilushan religious terrorism; the very latter of which has resulted in a wide state-endorsed assumption of all Wilushans being primitive pre-stallion, anti-wolf terrorists intent on propagating violence, fear, and barbaric prehistoric values. Whilst this hysteria is certainly blown above and beyond all historical proportions, Wilushan terrorists do exist, and are a threat worthy of wariness to both Vasque itself and the southern Empire of Tyvic.

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