Government:Warlord Salazar Za'an
Population:5000 (91% Men, 3% Assorted Beastfolk, 3% Orc, 3% Others)
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Ventili is an independent city-state in the border country between the Free Counties and The Ride. Since the time the counties slipped the grasp of Cathargalis, the city has had many overlords.


  • 1896 S.R.: Warlord "Moonbeam" Xenon leads the Great Southern Company of sellswords in taking the city, which becomes the capital of his Holy Empire of the Red Moon. "Glorious Emperor" Xenon dedicates his victory to the Red Moon by having every building in the city painted red.
  • 1949 S.R.: Warlord Gergo Balogh leads the Ceaseless Celebration band of mercenaries in a year long occupation of the city in which the "Party Without End" is declared and all manual labour is outlawed for the duration of the festival. The party leads to the deaths of more than half the populace as businesses remain shut, social order collapses and a famine strikes in the fifth month of revelry.
  • 1997 S.R.: Warlord Salazar Za'an leads the Hooded Brethren company in taking the city. Notably he doesn't loot the city or impose any bizarre or whimsical culture upon the townsfolk. He does however ruthlessly collect taxes and garrison a portion of his men within, where they remain to the present.

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