Yѡi Ѵda`iѵuni Unбuolo

Banner of the Prince


Map of Unbuol

Official languages:Vuscovi
Demonym:Unbuoli, Voonisian[1]
Government:Absolute Monarchy

- Prince: Zhenk`wo the Bright (Жenк`ѡo`ѭtyp)

Part of:FlagNakon Vasque

FlagI'byed I'byed (Unofficially)

State religion:Wolf Druidism, Nhж`wiy
Formation:1978 S.R.
Geography & Demographics
Population:397,000 (99% Men)
Ethnic groups:Vuscovi (98%), Ruscalvingaul (1%)
National minorities:Wilushan people (Wilushan Highlands)
Currency:Zloty (ż)(?)
Core industries:Whale products, fish, diamonds, native jewellery (commonly fashioned from polished blackwood, bone, obsidian and pele’s hair), native textiles, salt
Primary imports:War Materials
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Unbuol (Vuscovi: Yѡi Ѵda`iѵuni Unбuolo; trans. "The Principality of Unbuol"; IPA: [ˈɯn.bʊ.ɒl]; oon-buu-ol)) is a northeast principality of Vasque and an unrecognised self-declared autonomous state. The newest principality to declare independance from the Tsardom, it has been met with stiff resistance from both the armies of the Tsar and the self-proclaimed "true dissidents" of the Principality of I'byed of whom claim to be the only worthy rival of the Tsar.

Its brief history has been one of utmost bloodshed and a near fruitless resistance against its invaders, and has been kept alive only by purchased supplies of Janderschstaffer weaponry - typically in exchange for coveted whale products and rare blue diamonds - and perhaps its liberal recognition of Wilushan culture, which has proven successful in drawing Wilushan peoples from the west to aid in their resistance against the oppressive Tsarist regime.


  1. This demonym - which is derived from the Vuscovi root "Voonis", which means simply "(the) north" - can be acceptable on a basis not referring to nationality or Wolf sect, however it absolutely must be used in the correct context, lest the unwary user will see themselves beaten in the streets or shot in the back.

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