Archbishopric of Uln
Хабѳтцудoнй Улнѳу

Flag of Uln

Map of Uln

Capital:St. Agenorste
Official languages:Tearvin
Part of:FlagGilderdammenSmall Gilderdammen
State religion:Church of The Stallion
Incorporated:675 S.R.
Geography & Demographics
Ethnic groups:Tearvingaul (99.4%), Other (0.6%)
Currency:Mancus (M)(?)
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Uln is an archbishopric within Gilderdammen lead by Prince-Bishop Theodor.

Concerned primarily with bringing Charles’ assassins to justice, Uln seeks to hold Kronach to enable a full investigation into the crime as they actively seek out the perpetrators. As their interests often align with those of Sigiswald, they are prone to ally with them. However, due to deep socio-political divides between the two states, these alliances tend to be both fleeting and strictly military in nature. Theodor could make a substantiated claim to the throne but remains adamant in his belief that only once those responsible for the assassination of Charles have been brought to justice can the electoral process resume. People from Uln tend to be highly religious and the government is fully theocratic. Their mantra is “Justice for Charles”.

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