Grand City of Tulles
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Flag and Arms of Tulles

Map of Tulles

Largest City:Tulles
Official languages:None official
State religion:None official
Formation:1950 S.R.
Geography & Demographics
Population:17,500 (80% Men, 10% Aelfe-Blooded, 8% Aelfe, 2% Other)
Ethnic groups:Altane, Daltane
Currency:Corona (Ç)(?)
Core industries:Luxury goods, alcoholic beverages, narcotics, gourmet foodstuffs
Primary imports:Foreign investments & storage
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The old port city of Tulles had long changed hands between Nevira and Zilaresco over the course of two hundred years of border skirmishes. In SR 1950, the mysterious Aelfe adventurers, who had never been seen in numbers greater than five all converge upon the city in what they dub a “reunion.” The extraordinarily wealthy Aelfe purchase all the property in the city within a matter of months, even as savvy property-owners continually raise prices in the face of the Aelfe’s constant demand. By autumn, the locals have all been made to move out, taking their new fortunes into Nevira and Zilaresco the Aelfe move in entire families of so-called “hereditary servants,” who are widely suspected of being little more than slaves. The local Zilarescan Doge and his soldiers are intimidated into leaving, and when the Neviran Knights of the Unicorn attempt to seize the lawless city, they’re similarly driven out. The Aelfe send heralds to both nations, declaring their independence, and warn that any other soldiers sent to retake the city for either nation will be “returned without their feet.”

In just a few decades, the Aelfe turn the city into a non-stop party, where young, jaded aristocrats and bold adventurers rub shoulders with the so-called True Kings of Men. Many lives are destroyed here, as attempts to keep up with an Aelfe’s debauched, spendthrift lifestyle could beggar an Emperor.

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