Principality of Totenwald
Ийуманй Тотенѱалденѳу
FlagTotenwald ArmsTotenwald

Flag and Arms of Totenwald

Map of Totenwald

Largest City:Escobauroa
Official languages:Tearvin
Government:Constitutional Monarchy

- Rand Totenkinder

Legislature:- Upper House

- Lower House

Part of:FlagGilderdammenSmall Gilderdammen
State religion:Church of The Stallion
Incorporated:675 S.R.
Geography & Demographics
Ethnic groups:Tearvingaul (78%), Altane (21%)
National minorities:Daltane (1%)
Currency:Mancus (M)(?)
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Totenwald is a principality within Gilderdammen lead by Prince Rand Totenkinder.

Driven by an assertion that the Totenkinder Dynasty has a legitimate claim to the Silver Throne, Totenwald arose as the primary opposition to Hexe’s attempt to take the crown by force. Many states declared for Prince Philip Totenkinder at the beginning of the war, cementing their position as a serious contender to such an extent that the Prince of Zilaresco offered official recognition to Philip as Emperor of Gilderdammen. This formal backing from a foreign power has thus far proven to be a double-edged sword. While bolstered financially and military to a far greater extent than their rivals, there are fears that the Totenkinders would merely become puppet rulers beholden to the Zilarescan government. Furthermore, Totenwald’s significant Altane population in conjunction with it’s more Altan cultural heritage have served to alienate large swathes of Gilderdammen. Scholars have attributed the wider anti-Altan sentiments to providing the spark to the Young Officer’s uprising in Janderschstaff. Totenwalders tend to be fairer skinned than the rest of their Tearvin kin, with complexions more comparable to the Daltane people. Totenwald is a principality that largely emulates the Altan Nations style of rulership.

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