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The center of The Known Lands' southern continent is known as the Shining South for its abundant sunlight and warm weather, as well as the incredible wealth that pours out from every corner and into legend. The climate ranges from the tropical coast along the Glimmering Sea, to the alternatively subtropical and arid plains and hill country south of the coast. The traditional boundaries that distinguish the Shining South are the Talvas River to the east and the Baishi River to the west. Traditionally, the mysterious lands south of the Arpak Mountains, known as the Knife Coast have been discounted as part of the Shining South.

The City-StatesEdit

The Shining South was once unified under the Great Kingdom of the South, a name which is still a byword for wealth and power even thousands of years after its sudden, ill-explained collapse. In its wake, numerous upstart nations tried to pick up the pieces even as chaos and calamity swept the south. Each of these successor states in turned failed, until government receded to the most ancient bastions of civilization in the Known Lands: the River Cities.

Cities of the GibborineEdit

Cities of the MadaharineEdit

Inhuman StatesEdit

The Shining South boasts the largest and most diverse population of non-humans in the Known Lands. Though combined they are still less numerous than men, they have still made cities of their own. These cities survived the long turmoil by virtue of being entirely underground.

Bygone NationsEdit

The south is the birthplace of men, and has known the ambition of nations striving toward empire again and again.