The Other
The Abominable Darkness
Date of birth:Unknown, predates The Known Lands.
Occupation History
Status:Trapped beneath the Glimmering Sea

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Seek not The Other, you shall not see: the torches of light and reason, both fail before it.

The Torchbearer

The Other is a being dedicated to the destruction of the world. It emerged from the frozen, unlit lands beyond the Dreaming West and began its dreadful task with terrifying immediacy: it could tear mountains and hills apart with its claws, roll down forests with its bulk, and kill animals and mortals in droves with its poisonous exhalations. Its only true opposition were the four Dragons left behind to shape The Known Lands in accordance with its creator's cosmic scheme. The titanic clash between The Other and the Dragons prevented the land's complete destruction but the devastation was great: the sun was hidden by clouds of ash and dust and the primitive societies of Men and Anharr were destroyed, reducing both races to scattered tribes of cave dwellers. Two of the Dragons were slain, two more rendered helplessly insane. The Other was defeated but could not be killed, it was instead left wounded and crippled, buried in the deepest trench in the Glimmering Sea, buried under thousands upon thousands of tons of stone. It desires nothing more than to be whole and free, so as to complete its mission, its very purpose for being. To secure its freedom, The Other has created proxies to get mortals to do the heavy lifting: The Beast was destroyed, but the Temple of The Deep yet endures and its labors slowly bear fruit.

The Other is not unopposed. The vast majority of mortals know nothing of The Other or its minions, but the Dragon of The South created the Beast Gods to protect the Known Lands from both. Furthermore, a refugee from those unknown western lands previously destroyed by The Other yet lives, and works separately from the Beast Gods to destroy it, a refugee known as The Torchbearer.

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