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The Known Lands is the "point-of-view" region of the Tales of Madness setting. The World is a great cylinder, rotating in space not unlike a barber pole. At either end of The World are one of the Great Dragons who are forever spiraling away from each other, building the world in their wake. The Known Lands are just a small section of this world, closer in the most relative terms to the Great Eastward Dragon. The section of The World containing the Known Lands is orbited by several celestial bodies: the White, Red, and Blue Moons and a yellow Sun. Relative to the inhabitants, these celestial bodies rise in the southern skies and set in the northern skies. The inhabitants of the Known Lands are almost entirely ignorant as to the existence of the Great Dragons and they only suspect that the world continues onward in either direction.

The Dreaming WestEdit

The west is overcome with the power of life and death run amok. Magic seethes and boils here like an eruption of tumors, birthing horrors that have pushed civilization to the brink.

The Eternal EastEdit

The east is a land of longevity and constants: imperial ambition and decay, the triumph of the natural over the artificial, and the bleakness of government run amok. True change is rare in the east, and each region within has seemingly airtight rules that are defied only at your peril.

The Gloaming NorthEdit


The Gloaming North

Relative to the entire southern continent, the Gloaming North seems bereft of magic. Non-human peoples are very rare outside select locales, mega-fauna and monsters are practically unheard of, and the practitioners of magic who didn't learn their art across the sea to the south can likely be counted on a single hand. However, the northern continent is awash with technological innovation which progresses in unexpected ways. Unlike the south, there are many stable but not immutable nation-states.

The Shining SouthEdit

The Shining South is the original homeland of terrestrial life in the Known Lands, everything that was not created by mortal sorcery or mad science was once found here. It is steeped in mystery and the most ancient magic, and is renown as a graveyard of empires. It has experienced several cataclysms of apocalyptic scope, each sweeping aside mighty civilizations and leaving behind ruin and mayhem. Though in modern times civilization can be sparse on the ground, no other land boasts wealth and power in such abundance.

Other LandsEdit