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Once upon a time, Eshu passed so closely to the world that an army of Manticores were able to leap and take wing to the earth. With their great strength, devious cunning, and their armor-like hides they had little trouble dominating many eastern tribes of Men. They turned their disparate subjects into a single tribe, and with them, conquered everything from the far eastern coast to the edge of the Talvyr lands. The Imperium of Cathargalis became the largest nation The Known Lands had ever seen, and knew prosperity and grandeur for countless years. The roll of centuries would not prove kind forever however. The resistance to Manticore dominion never went away, and Men who balked at worshiping the alien beasts resisted their rule with the aid of The Torchbearer. Later the Talvyr, allied with the mysterious Alabastrine Kings poured in from the west and caused incredible havoc and destruction. The Imperium buckled and lost half of its immense territory, what remained fell into chaos as every dissident faction took advantage of the empire's weakness.