A chaotic land where civilization barely clings to life against an onslaught of abominable and alien life.


  • Atrocity Flats: Crevasse and fissure wracked plains filled with pits of primordial slime. Batches of hideous monsters boil out the flats and pour into the Marches and the Gloomlands, seeking their way east.
  • Baishi: Where West meets South. The lifestyles of southron tribes must adapt to the strange realities of the west. Here one might find a rancher raising great, woolly spiders and taking shelter in the shell of a giant snail.
  • Crawling Marches: A shifting morass of fungal forests and lichen plains, inhabited by creatures not seen elsewhere in the Known Lands.
  • Gloomlands: A range of twisted peninsulas thrusting towards the inland sea, the scattered tribes of Men and Anharr who live here rely on their dead to protect them from the horrors marching north from the Atrocity Flats and the Crawling Marches.
  • Qatlands: The Cat's playground, a teeming wilderness of impossible foliage, filled with vignettes and set pieces that play into the shifty God's games.