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In an instant, the ship was swallowed whole by a great black wave, shrieking to the depths, having not yet accepted its somber fate. We shed no tears for her crew; they dared to sail the Deep's waves without a fear in their hearts.

–Captain Urmai of Quelosq

The Deep (also known as The Great Murk) is the object of worship of the city of Quelosq and some Xoc societies. It is not a Beast God, but rather a malevolent force understood to command the seas of The Known Lands.

Temple of the Deep Edit

Branches Edit

Esoteric Order of the Deep Edit

Commonly called "Squids" the Esoteric Order of the Deep acts as the main priestly and political body of the Temple.

Temple Guard Edit

Commonly called "Sharks" the Temple Guard are an elite fighting force tasked with the defense of Quelosqi holy ground clad in imposing sets of golden scale armor.

Eyes of the Deep

Commonly called "Lampreys" the Eyes of the Deep act as Quelosq's religious police and spy network.

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