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Hoptog bearing Mot.

Chiseled into the walls of a great underground canyon by the Obon philosopher Dor Dens in 9350 BSR, the Tenets of the Obon served to create a common order of law for the various warring bands of nomads that were driving their people to extinction through perpetual in-fighting. Since those days, the Tenets have evolved from a code of ethics into a religion that has influenced every aspect of daily Obon life.

The TenetsEdit

I - To kill your brother is to weaken your children.
II - The tunnels are our home.
III - Smile on our ancestor and they shall smile on us.
IV - To be touched by the sun is to be forever lost.
V - A thief must be punished.
VI - To defile a mot is to defile one's own soul.
VII - To be wasteful is to be without merit.
VIII - The great worms are

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