Taкѡo Yctai / Taкѡ`ycta

Modern banner flown by many Wilushan inhabitants of the island


Map of Takw'ycta

Official languages:Vuscovi language (Wilusha dialect)
Government:Under the dominion of the Tsar of Vasque
Part of:FlagNakon Vasque
State religion:Nhж`wiy (Orthodox)
Formation:2819 B.S.R. (factuality unknown)
Conquered:470 S.R. (claimed by Vasque)
Geography & Demographics
Ethnic groups:Wilushan Vuscovi (~60%), Empyrian Vuscovi (~31%)
National minorities:Voonisian Vuscovi (6%), Mixed ethnicities
Currency:Generally a barter system is employed, however items such as gemstones and gold are often used(?)
Core industries:Jewellery, fish
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Takw'ycta (Vuscovi: Taкѡ`ycta tr: Island of The Dream; IPA: [tæk.ˈwɒl.iːk.tɑ]; tak-wol-eek-tar), or more formally known as Takwo Yctai, is an island off the western coast of Vasque. Having long declared itself the ancestral heartland of the Wilushan people, Takw'ycta has remained unrecognised as anything but under the dominion of the Tsar of Vasque. Since the split of the Vuscovi lands into two and the supposed concession of Vasque by the southern Stallion-adherent nation of Tyvic in 470 S.R., Takw'ycta has been a disputed territory, with both its own ideas of self-determination and the interests of the two mainland powers adding firewood to unrelenting skirmishes and terrorist attacks on its soil.

According to legend, Takw'ycta is the second ancestral nation of the Wilusic people, said to have been colonised after the nation of Wilusha by a second seafaring tribe, taking a path separate to their southeastern settled kin. In the centuries following the first landing, the island remained an unbreakable footing for the Wilushans, finding it possible to successfully defend the island from the otherworldly denizens of the north. Folklore goes on to tell that in the days that the first nation was thrown under the yoke of the Altean Empire, those not enslaved by the new rulers undertook a great migration northwest to live with their far-reaching kin upon the island, remaining as the chief inhabitants of the land until the present era.


Since the unification of the Vuscovi principalities under Yaroslav of the Red Spear, the chiefs of Takw`ycta swore allegiance to the new ascended prince and his heirs in exchange for peace and self-leadership. In the years since the oath and the rise of Yaroslav's successors, the island of Takw'ycta was left primarily untouched, existing as a semi-autonomous region under the Tsardom.

During the Vuscovi Civil War, the inhabitants of the island remained loyal to Voskrensenka, refusing to acknowledge Ko`sobкe the Wolf-born, who to them, was a mere fool who pretended to be the next ascended prince, and not in any way close to the proper heir to the throne that Yaroslav himself once sat upon. The Tsardom responded with outright hostility to this, swiftly taking hostile actions against the people of Takw'ycta.

Yet, after the passage of a hundreds years and several hundred more, archaic pledges to the ancient first Tsar began to fade, with their loyalty to Tyvic having developed a sour taste with the ceaseless subjection to Stallion missionaries from the Empire in spite of their clearly Nhж`wiyan orthodoxy, deciding to completely succeed as an independent Vuscovi nation; as a sanctuary of the old religion, and a safe haven for the misunderstood and marginalised Wilushan first nations.

Then occupation or something.

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