Population:5,000 (99% Men, 1% Others)

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Skopos is a trade city in the Free Counties. It is located on the east coast, approximately 320 miles northeast of Siviri. As with the other cities of the Free Counties, it's been conquered numerous times by a variety of warlords.


  • 1999 S.R.: Kirakos Summers instigates a rebellion against the occupying forces of Warlord Geshun Winton, butchering his men and putting all collaborators to the sword. Seeking to bring about true equality in the city, Kirakos introduces a lottery system in which members of the government are randomly chosen every week from the populace. Kirakos refuses to take any official position within the system, instead committing to his role as the lottery host. Attendance is mandatory, to refuse is a capital crime.

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