Population:4,900 (99% Men, 1% Others)
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Siviri is a trade city located on the east coast of the Free Counties, approximately 600 miles east of Ayvaz and 520 miles northeast of Zaton. As with the other cities of the Free Counties, it's been conquered numerous times by a variety of warlords.


  • 1989 S.R.: The Warlord Liu Olybrius, at the behest of a Prophet of an Eclipse Cult initiates his conquest as the Blue Moon eclipses the Sun, smashing the gates and defeating the forces of Warlord Tiberius Wu in a single day of street-to-street battles. He enforces his absolute rule over the city, claiming all property and rights. The residents become serfs.
  • 1996 S.R.Yahya Jabbar a mercenary general took control of the city after Olybrius withdrew his forces. Under the rule of Yahya's mercenary company The Knights Obscene, a despotic atheist rule is enforced. All of the shines and holy images were destroyed upon taking power. All incoming ships and wagons are searched for holy books and images to toss into the Eternal Flame of Meaninglessness, which has been burning since 1996.

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