The Cat
Date of birth:Unknown (81,425 B.S.R.)
Age:Unknown, believed to be thousands of years old (83,425)
Language(s):Silvestris can communicate with any creature.
Race:Beast Gods
Occupation History
Occupation(s):God of Charm and Discord
Status:Unknown, believed to be in the Dreaming West
The only rule I can tell you is this one.

–The Cat

Silvestris, commonly known as The Cat, is a being revered as the god of charm and discord. He is the self-styled 'ruler' of the hypnagogic Qatlands of the Dreaming West, endlessly tormenting its inhabitants with various arbitrary pranks and riddles.

Powers Edit

The Cat's most renowned power is his ability to alter the physical world at a whim, such as draining bodies of water, conjuring objects seemingly out of nowhere, or, as in the case of Glass Jane, turn human flesh into living glass. It is not known if he can change is size, as he is always seen relative to the size of an average house cat.


The Cat's favored virtues seem to be cunning and vitality. Cunning is to outwit one's foes and allies alike to stay ahead and keep others behind. Vitality is to withstand the consequences of these actions. Those with cunning who lack vitality are often short lived, and those with vitality who lack cunning are usually dull at parties. Those who lack both aren't worth inviting at all.

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