Kingdom of Sigiswald
Цудобнй Сигисѱалдѳу
FlagSigiswaldFinal ArmsSigiswaldSmall

Flag and Arms of Sigiswald

Motto:First Amongst Many
Anthem:Sigiswald's Song

Map of Sigiswald

Official languages:Tearvin
Government:Constitutional Monarchy

-Rupert Alven IV (missing)
-Leon Ferdnande VI (king regent)
Chancellor: Adalwolf Usben
Chief Speaker of the House: Douglus Wesstehageb

Legislature:Supreme Diet

- Upper house: House of Lords
- Lower house: House of Representatives

Part of:FlagGilderdammenSmall Gilderdammen
State religion:Church of The Stallion
Incorporated:675 S.R.
Geography & Demographics
Ethnic groups:Tearvingaul (97%), Vuscovi (2%), Altan (0.7%)
Currency:Mancus (M)(?)
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Sigiswald is a kingdom within Gilderdammen ruled by King Regent Leon Ferdnande VI, who serves as Head of State, while political affairs are handled by Chancellor Adalwolf Usben.

Concerned primarily with bringing Emperor Rupert’s kidnappers to justice, Sigiswald seeks to hold Kronach so that they can attempt to discern the perpetrators of the crime and perform a proper investigation. As the city has been sacked on several occasions and oft times split between warring armies, this task has proven extremely difficult. With their royal lineage at an end, Sigiswald’s King Regent could not stand to be elected as Emperor due to the laws of succession, thus discounting them from having a legitimate claim to the throne that the rulers of Hexe and Totenwald assert that they have. Sigiswald is a constitutional monarchy and is largely reliant upon funding from Santori's of Luddovicco to maintain a tangible position in the civil war. Their mantra is “Justice for Rupert.”

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