Shapur II "Kingfisher"
Sanjaq-Bey of Quelosq, Beylerbey of Gozenram, Satrap of Quarach
Date of birth:1373 B.S.R.
Date of death:1301 B.S.R.
Language(s):Quelosqi, Zardezi
House:House Marrappis
Children:Shapur III
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Shapur II, known as Shapur Kingfisher, was the fourth Marrappis Sanjaq-Bey of Quelosq and the first ruler of the so-called "Kingdom of the Coast", the joint domain of Quelosq, Quarach, and Gozenram. His father, Bahram III, masterminded the stranglehold on Quarachi trade which opened the door to their annexation, but died of natural causes before he could seize the city itself. the young Shapur completed his father's vision in 1359 B.S.R. when Quelosq bloodlessly acquired Quarach as a client city. Eventually, Shapur turned his sights on Gozenram, eventually capturing the city after The Gozenram-Quelosqi War in 1342 B.S.R.

Shapur ruled the three cities for 42 more years before succumbing to old age in 1301 B.S.R. His middle-aged heir, Shapur III proved to be a far less competent ruler than his father, as the union collapsed one year later. For this he is known derisively as Shapur Flounder. His second son, Subon the Seal, retired from noble life shorty after, and fled to the Eternal East where he later became a renowned mercenary.

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