The Smith, Blackbones
Date of birth:Unknown (1762 B.S.R.)
Date of death:N/A
Age:Unknown (3762)
Occupation History
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The sweet music of hammer against anvil, the merry glow of blazing iron, the revelation of form and function from anonymous blanks, the sweet mystery of the alloyed...they were fools in Maram, to mistake love such as this for mere toil.


Shandor the Smith was once the greatest artisan in Maram, a prodigy who arose from obscurity overnight to create the finest works of metalsmithing ever seen. In an age of ignorance he rediscovered crucible steel, and other secrets of the ages to make enduring works that are still traded for fortunes today. At the height of his career, he could name his price and place the most ludicrous preconditions to his work and still not lack for wealthy patrons. Eventually the pressure drove him to leave Maram with his apprentices and most ardent devotees, ascending the Arpaks to build a great fortress among the clouds at the peaks. Eventually his followers returned to Maram, haunted and forlorn. They spoke of their master's mounting madness, so intense that it cowed his underlings and they became a mere extension of his eccentricity. One day he climbed into a great, runed cauldron of his own devising and commanded his followers to fill it with molten iron he had prepared for the occasion. Unable to deny him anything, the did as he commanded. His screams of agony seemingly broke the spell, and all assembled were horrified at what he made them do. Their horror grew however, when the cauldron cracked apart, and they saw the iron had cooled within to take the shape of an egg. When it cracked open, and their master emerged, they fled from his terrible presence and descended with great shrieks and sobs. Shandor had entered the cauldron a man, he emerged as Blackbones the undying, iron skeleton.

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