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Santori's of Luddovicco


Motto:Protecting What Matters
Governing ideology:Incorporated in Luddovicco
Religious affiliation:Ostensibly the Church of The Stallion
Primary goal(s):Profit
Status & Relations
Notable clients:Citizens of Luddovicco, Morbihannan, and Zilaresco
Historical Information
Predecessors:Santori Tea House

Santori's of Luddovicco is the largest insurer in the Gloaming North, it also happens to be that nation's sanctioned Thieves Guild. It got its start as Santori's Tea House, a literal tea house that was a front for a gang of pickpockets, grave robbers, and second-story men. They now boast corporate offices throughout the Altane Coast and offer many products and services.


  • Collections: This part of the company is responsible for burglarizing homes and graves (a dying practice), selected from a list of uninsured households. Their agents are well trained and gather intelligence on their targets ahead of time so as to avoid conflict with the residents of the homes they target. By law, they cannot "collect" from children, expectant mothers, the infirm, or pensioners.
  • Investigations: The company performs an investigation on all claims before the company pays out. Homeowners damaging or destroying their own homes, by arson for instance, releases the company from the responsibility of paying the claim. They're also adept-thief catchers, tracking down thieves who burgle insured homes to deliver to justice.
  • Staffing Solutions: Among Santori's many legal privileges in Luddovicco is the exclusive right to practice burglary. When someone is found guilty of burglary (because they violated a Hazard Insurance policy or because they're freelance thieves), they're remanded to the custody of Santori's for the duration of their sentence. Santori's contracts these wards to assorted debtors work camps (typically mines and quarries).


  • Hazard Insurance: The Tea House's most popular product, sold throughout the Altane Coast and the southern end of Gilderdammen. It provides coverage for the customer's home in the event it is damaged or destroyed by fire, smoke, windstorm, hail, lightning, explosion, and civil unrest. In Luddovicco this level of coverage is required to protect one's home and its contents from Collections.
  • Life Insurance: Santori's offers this product in concert with the shadowy Assassin's Guild, providing proof against the "legalized and arbitrary cessation of function." It has the added benefit of paying a death benefit to the survivors of the insured if they are killed by violence or accident.
  • Maritime Insurance: Through closely guarded "trade secrets," Santori's is able to insure ships traveling to Gozenram against Xoc and pirate attacks. This product is expensive and requires that the client share a great many details with Santori's and stick to an exacting schedule and passage, just one more trade barrier between the north and the treasure-laden south.

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