Obðn Rus
Pronunciation: [rʊs](?)
Native to:Ruscalvingaul nations, Gloaming North
Native speakers:<48,000
Language family:Tuskic
Early forms:Ruskic
  • Old Rus
    • New Rus
      • Rus
Major dialects:Many hundreds
Writing System
Writing system(s):Modified Altean Alphabet
Period:~700 S.R. - present
Official Status
Official language in:Hassek, Hygrras
Recognised minority language in:Northern Braeden, Northern Gilderdammen
The Rus speaking world
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Rus (Obðn Rus [ɒb.ðn.rʊs]) is a language that features noun genders, inflected prepositions, vowel and consonant mutations, verb conjugation, and fronting of emphasised syntactic elements. It is one of the two English-like languages of The Gloaming North (the other being Altan), and compared to other languages (such as the thick and mentally taxing Vuscovi) can be learnt and spoken by those fluent in English with relative ease.


Due to the cruel weather and unrelenting blizzards which frequent the homelands of the Ruscalvingauls, many villages and fortresses find themselves isolated for long seasons, often in repeated sequences. In these days, travel is a frightening and near lethal venture that only the utmost desperate ever even consider. These conditions have fostered a rich variety of colloquialisms and dialects throughout Hassek and the islands of Hygrras, with a variety unique to every single settlement.

Typically, the most prominent aspect of local dialects is slang; noun, adjective, and verb variants, and local expressions and sayings. However on a wider regional basis, spelling and even grammar is often different in minor degrees.



Examples of multiple script styles, ancient and contemporary, used by modern speakers of Rus

The writing system used by modern Rus was introduced by Altane Stallion-worshipping missionaries following long pilgrimages through the lands of Gilderdammen, bringing their native alphabet with them. For what sounds the Altan alphabet could not represent, several runes long used by the ancient priesthoods of the north were adapted, birthing an alphabet that has remained unchanged to the present date.

The natives of the nation of Hygrras, whilst much slower in adapting the Alphabet, have since come to use the writing system. Literacy is an honoured skill for Hygrrasi, with often only the higher ranked individuals being granted permission to learn how to read and write.

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