Rupert Alven
King of Sigiswald, Elector of Gilderdammen, Fourth of his Name
Date of birth:1910 S.R.
Date of death:Unknown (vanished 1920 S.R.)
Age:10 (At time of disappearance)
Nationality:Sigiswald, Gilderdammen
Language(s):Tearvin, Altan
Occupation History
Status:Unknown, presumed deceased.
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Rupert Alven IV (Tearvin: Руперт Алвен Д)

Rupert Alven, fourth of his name, was the last direct male descendant of Maxmilian Alven, the founder of Gilderdammen. His disappearance from Kronach at the age of ten and the subsequent electoral succession crisis that followed spurred the civil war which has sporadically wrecked havoc on the confederation for decades thereafter. He is presumed deceased, though if he were to resurface he would presumably be a man of some ninety years old. He is survived by one of his remaining sisters, a number of nieces and nephews, and the children of his cousins. Their own succession issues have necessitated that Sigiswald be governed by a Regency, with Leon Ferdnande VI currently ruling.

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