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Historical states:Great Kingdom (12,900 - 1797 B.S.R.)
House of Bleeding Sands (1773 - 1748 B.S.R.)
Dominion of Shapur Kingfisher (1360 - 1300 B.S.R.)
Settled:13,250 B.S.R.
Government:Theocracy (High Priesthood) - Sanjaq-Bey Efservis Katarráktis
Population:175,000 (95% Men)
Major industries:coral, fertilizer, fish, gold, others
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Quelosq (Pronounced: /ˈkwɛl.ɒsk/; kwel-osk[1]) is called the City of Waves. It is the oldest extant sea port in The Known Lands, older by far than hoary Gozenram; even though it is far to the west of the life-giving River. The city is considered a fae and twisted place by the plains tribes and the River Cities, for while the Quelosqi trade, war, and take slaves like any proper city; its people seem haunted and hungry, with sallow skin and bulging eyes. The ruling Sanjaq-bey is also the High Priest of the Esoteric Order of the Deep, making Quelosq an open theocracy.

Quelosq is a dark city of craggy buildings, assembled from limestone blocks dredged from ancient coral reefs, with fossils and shells are frequently found protruding from the masonry. Mournful Salix trees line the winding medians, their branches heavy with dangling, moss-like flowers. The most impressive structure in the city is the immaculate Great Temple of the Deep, built in the style of the Pharaonic temples of old in brilliant white marble and gold. The priesthood of the Deep clad and veil themselves in yellow and blue, and wear golden trinkets in the shapes of sea creatures as they offer up constant praise and exhortations of the Deep. The incense smoke that pours out of the temple does little to mask the stench of fish that envelops the city.

The mariners and fishwives of Quelosq are an insular lot, but if plied with rum and asked the right questions, these typically tight-lipped folk might be induced to speak of their mysterious faith in the Deep.

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  1. This is only a general example. There is no official pronunciation for the city's name, and it is pronounced differently from group to group across the Shining South