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Shambling across the border from the Dreaming West are Puffmen, non-sentient carriers of the West's Great Mushrooms, created when the wayward villager inhales the spores of one of said mushroom, transforming them into mindless carriers.

Depending on the amount of time they have been infected, they can appear as average beings, or as masses of decaying flesh and growths shrouded in clouds of spores. The sight of their spore clouds can evacuate whole villages, and can grow to be than said towns themselves.

While they are not inherently hostile, as they simply move in a straight line, the spores they disperse are incredibly deadly, and have the potential to turn those that inhale them into Puffmen as well, making the ideal way to neutralize them is with fire, so to destroy the spore-producing growths that cover their bodies.

Due to the amount of spores that they disperse, the paths they take soon are covered in mushrooms, called "Puff Trails." Puff Trails often render the land around them uninhabitable through their spores, however, they do not last long thanks to yearly brush fires.

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