Principality of Janderschstaff
Яндерсчстаффнй Ийуманй (Yanderschstaffny Iyumany)
FlagJanderschstaffKingdom JandersctaffArmsKingdom

Flag and Arms of the Principality of Janderschstaff

Motto:Stallion's Justice!
Anthem:In the name of The Stallion, for Prince and Fatherland

Map of Principality of Janderschstaff

Largest City:Mosbach
Official languages:Tearvin
Government:Absolute monarchy
Part of:FlagGilderdammenSmall Gilderdammen
State religion:Church of The Stallion
Dissolved:1940 S.R., to become

- FlagJanderschtaff People's Republic of Janderschstaff

Geography & Demographics
Population:2,000,000 (99% Men)
Ethnic groups:Tearvingaul, Daltan, Ruscalvingaul
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The Principality of Janderschstaff (Tearvin: Яндерсчстаффнй Ийуманй tr. Yanderschstaffny Iyumany), was a nation of The Gloaming North and principality of Gilderdammen. In 1940 S.R., during the fires of the Gilderdammic Civil War, a military coup transformed the Principality it into a heavily regimented dictatorship with a strong, anti-aristocrat sentiment.


Young Officers Coup (1940 S.R.)Edit

The so-called “Young Officers” in the northeastern duchies of Gilderdammen reject the rule of Aristocrats and purge them in a coup.

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