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Piracy is an act of violence or robbery at sail conducted by independent forces. Those who commit piracy are commonly known as pirates. In The Known Lands, pirates are a common threat on the coasts of Gloaming North and Shining South, and are sometimes found on the open Glimmering Sea, although the threat of Xoc attacks can keep even the boldest pirates at bay. In the North, river pirates are common in the Altane nations.

Notable Pirates Edit

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  • Arliss: An Altane river pirate captain who operated along the Scintilla River in Zilaresco. Formed a brief alliance with the "Daemon-Pilgrim" of the South before being killed by Zilarescan mercenaries.
  • Lynetes Chobios: Captain of The White Lady. The most famous Krotem pirate and bitter rival of Ankell Vigdis. Victim of the White Manor Massacre.
  • Arnkell "The Dwarf" Vigdis: Captain of The Bleeding Whore. A human pirate renowned for his rowdiness as much as his raiding, along with his feud with Lynetes Chobios. Victim of the White Manor Massacre.
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