God-Slayer, Warmaster
Date of death:12,900 B.S.R.
Ethnicity:Obon (Formerly Ngyrran)
Race:Obon (Formerly Man)
Occupation History
Previous:Bandit Chief
Affiliations:The Beast
Service history
Commands:Beast Cult
Work In Progress
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"Spill thy golden-blood onto my armor and enamel it with thy sorrow and death-throes."

–Obon God-Slayer, before striking down Mazadara the Tiger.

Obon was the first of his kind, furthermore he is the first and only mortal to slay a Beast God. He was once a Man, a bandit of the Ngyrran hills who quarreled with the Marami as their people had always done. One fateful day, he and his clan were approached by the horrifying Beast, who cowed them with its dreadful presence but won them over with gifts of Mithril. Obon and his bandits soon took this mighty creature on as their new god and master, and spent many long months traveling through underground tunnels in its company. The exposure to the fell energies of the Beast in these conditions mutated the bandits, creating the race of cyclopean pseudo-giants that bore the name of their chieftain.

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