FlagNevira ArmsNevira

Flag and Arms of Nevira

Motto:We Answer The Call

Map of Nevira

Largest City:Valdeverdeja
Official languages:Daltan
Government:Constitutional Monarchy

- Queen Annastacia XIV

Legislature:Estates Consulate
State religion:Church of The Stallion
Geography & Demographics
Population:2.7 million (99% Men)
Ethnic groups:Daltane (97%), Tearvingaul (2%)
Currency:Corona (Ç)(?)
GNP:đ32,000,000 (3rd)
GNP per capita:đ11.85 (7th)
Core industries:Ores, wines and spirits, luxury goods, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, technical equipment, perfumes, cosmetics, agriculture, wool
Primary imports:Explosives & military hardware, lumber, coffee & tea, spices, leather, cotton & textiles, gems & precious metals
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History Edit

The Ride to Shame (1200 - 1217 S.R.)Edit

Equinex Orestes II accepts a large “gift” from Emperor Lambert of Gilderdammen and sanctifies his attempted conquest of Nevira, despite its status as a Faithful Nation. Almeda Zuria, the Maiden Knight of Nevira, reverses the fortunes of the despondent cohorts of Neviran knights and ultimately pushes Gilderdammen out, ending their invasion. The aged King Emilio V, who lost all three of his sons in the war declares the heroine his heir. In 1221 Emilio V perishes, ending the Trastámara Dynasty. Almeda Zuria is crowned Queen Almeda, first of her name; elevating the House of Zuria to the new dynasty.

The Neviran-Zilarescan Struggle for Tulles (1940 - 1950 S.R.)Edit

The Aelfe gather in the city of Tulles and summarily buy everything, then inform Nevira and Zilaresco that neither party need concern itself over the city’s sovereignty as it will henceforth belong to the “True Kings of Men.”

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