Mountain of Song



Historical states:Great Kingdom of the South
Population:53,500 (99.99% Dwarf)
Major industries:adamant, basalt, gemstones, gold, granite, iron, silver, song steel, steel
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The lichen-lit caverns beneath what has become known as the Mountain of Song are the birthplace of the Dwarfen race. The city sometimes has the feeling of being abandoned but moments ago, as it is built to house many hundreds of thousands yet is occupied at barely a fifth of its still growing capacity. The Dwarfen cultural mission to find the Earthsong and enthrone it requires that they pursue civic beauty, so as each cavern and mine tunnel is exhausted of its mineral wealth, it is converted into a new neighborhood or plaza. Clever arrangements of enchanted spirit silver mirrors reflect sunlight from the grand city center where the roof of the mountain has been opened to the sky, so that gardens of surface plants can get proper nourishment in even the deepest neighborhood. Silence is fleeting, for the decorative stonework conceals fluted structures that create sweet music with every breeze.

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