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Morbio Black-Gloves
Father of Morbihannan
Occupation History
Ith thine pate so very cold, that thou wouldth not doff thine cap?


The cultural hero and founder of the state of Morbihannan, Morbio was a jumped-up brigand possessed of magnificent and exotic cruelty. Regarded dimly by the Vuscovi and the other Altane tribes, his antics are more fondly remembered in his homeland.


Morbio's cruelty was, to him at least, simply the means of delivering a punchline. He often affected a lisp, a limp, or some other noticeable quirk or flaw so as to inflict exaggerated revenge on anyone who slighted him. He hated hats, hoods, or anything else that concealed heads or faces and was prone to have them nailed on to people who dared to wear them in his presence. He despised wolves and dogs, whenever he would attack a clan's holdfast, he would round up all the canines in the area and put them alive in sacks to be used as ammunition for his catapult.

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