The Glorious Peoples State of Maraxes


Motto:Ideal Leader, Ideal People, Ideal State

Map of Maraxes


- First Citizen

State religion:Sublime Obliteration of the Self
Geography & Demographics
Population:2 million (99% Men)

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With the creation of Maraxes and the refinement of its institutions, no further advancement can be made in thought or virtue by mortal or immortal. All that remains for us is the tidy cessation of all life, that the void may immortalize our great achievement for all time.

–First Citizen

Once a province of Cathargalis, Maraxes was cut off from the rest of the empire by the dissolution of the empire's western half. Maraxes maintained order in the face of the traditional threats to Cathargalis’ security and constant harassment from the Talvyr of The Ride through the most repressive government in all The Eternal East, and the Known Lands. The local bureaucracy managed to purge the local aristocracy and the local temple hierarchy, elevating their own chief minister to the position of First Citizen. Using their control of records and their allies in the military, a series of First Citizens have created a culture where everyone and everything is property of the state, individual life is meaningless, there is no citable instance of the government ever being wrong about anything, and where the accepted narrative is that everyone is enjoying a constant upward trend in prosperity and the standard of living, regardless of the truth. The tight control of Maraxes’ borders has caused most exchanges between the Shining South and the Eternal East to wither away.

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