Serene Principality of Luddovicco
FlagLuddovicoSmall ArmsLuddovico

Banner of Arms and Arms of Luddovicco

Motto:With Fraternity or Force, Luddo's Shall Know Peace

Map of Luddovicco

Official languages:Altan
Government:Constitutional Monarchy

- Prince: Dario Dandolo

Legislature:- Upper House:

- Lower House:

State religion:Church of The Stallion
Geography & Demographics
Population:7 million (85% Men)
Currency:Luddoviccan Ducat (đ)(?)
GNP:đ36,273,000 (1st)
GNP per capita:đ5.18 (14th)
Core industries:clothes, credit, fish, furniture, shoes, tile
Primary imports:coal, hardwood, marble, softwood
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The Serene Principality of Luddovicco (IPA: /lʊ.dɵ.ˈviː.tʃoʊ/ or /-koʊ/), the finance capital of The Gloaming North. The largest and oldest Merchant Banks in the north operate here where they have a cozy working relationship with the Prince and the state-sanctioned Assassin’s Guild. There’s a lot of capital flowing through Luddovicco and the bankers have extensive interests throughout the Known Lands, typically seized from delinquent debtors as collateral for loans.