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Lodge di Magia


Religious affiliation:Ostensibly the Church of The Stallion
Notable members:Jane Orsatti
Primary goal(s):Acquisition of magical artifacts and lore, enhancing its prestige
Based in:Selvanesco
Status & Relations
Current status:Well regarded club of upper-class magicians and magic enthusiasts
Number of members:135
Historical Information
Founded:1750 S.R.

The Lodge di Magia, popularly known as The Loggia was founded by a group of northern aristocrats who managed to study magic in the south. Its members meet in the club's salon in Selvanesco to debate, demonstrate, and discuss magic. Membership was exclusive to men for most of the club's 250-year history, only changing its policy in 1999 S.R. so as to induct Jane Orsatti. The club is responsible for disseminating Ippir Morsum's The Applications of Magic to the north, having paid for the publication of a folio edition.

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