Arch-Prelacy of Krantschfell
FlagKrantschfell ArmsKrantschfellGrand

Flag and Arms of Krantschfell

Motto:We Carry His Justice, His Love
Anthem:Light Over Abominable Darkness

Map of Krantschfell

Largest City:Krantschfell
Official languages:Altan, Daltan

- Equinex: Merops II

Legislature:College of Archbishops
State religion:Church of the Stallion
Formation:680 S.R.
Geography & Demographics
Area:~5476 km2

approx. 2114 sq miles

Population:1,150 (100% Men)[1]
Ethnic groups:Altane (40%), Tearvingaul (31%), Daltane (14%), Vuscovi (13%)
Currency:Luddoviccan Ducat(?)
GNP:đ880,000 (21st)
GNP per capita:đ765.21 (1st)
Core industries:Art & other cultural products
Primary imports:Foreign investments & storage
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The picturesque valley of Krantschfell was gifted to the Church of the Stallion during the infancy of the newly united Gilderdammen. The Equinex put out the call for the creation of a Holy City and for centuries the valley has been the destination for armies of artisans and artists. Spoiled for choice, the Church has been able to employ the greatest artistic minds in the north to create “The city of the world’s desire, who brings men to their knees, weeping.” The city houses numerous ecclesiastical palaces, including the Palace of the Equinex, the College of Archbishops where the Equinex and the 14 Archbishops convene to govern matters of policy and faith, the fortified Archives which serve as a repository for texts and relics, and the Academy which is responsible for completing the education of the Stallion’s priests and missionaries.


  1. Census data only counts residents with official citizenship currently located within the country