Grand Duchy of Khalenia
Козтацудобнй Кћаленияѳу
FlagKhalenia ArmsKhalenia2

Flag and Arms of Khalenia

Map of Khalenia

Largest City:Hepschafurn
Official languages:Tearvin

Grand Duke:
-Volker Hepshaufen IV

Legislature:Council of the Grand Duke
Part of:FlagGilderdammenSmall Gilderdammen
State religion:Church of The Stallion
Formation:513 S.R.
Incorporated:675 S.R.
Geography & Demographics
Ethnic groups:Tearvin (94%)
National minorities:Altane (3%), Daltane (2%)
Currency:Mancus (M)(?)
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Khalenia is a grand duchy within Gilderdammen ruled by Grand Duke Volker Hepshaufen IV.

The Hepshaufen Dynasty traditionally owed allegiance to Totenwald before the Unification of Gilderdammen and the initially supported the Totenkinder Dyansty in their claim for the throne at the outbreak of the civil war. When the Prince of Zilaresco endorsed Prince Philip Totenkinder, the Grand Duke withdrew his support for his liege and declared Khalenia as an independent state that recognized no authority but the Emperor of Gilderdammen’s. Together with Prince Ultz Trindas of Nekaras and Silas Speer of Ovalrine, Volker Hepshaufen II established the Tripartite of Independent States as an agreement to bring military aid to constituent members in times of crisis. Since the breakaway of Janderschstaff from the Empire in 1940 SR, Khalenia has been involved in a bitter sixty year border war with the People’s Republic and rarely makes moves outside of its immediate sphere of influence. Khalenian people are seen throughout the Totenwald supporting states as oathbreakers for abandoning their liege lord and petty thieves for their reputation of seizing goods from travelers that cross through their lands.

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