The Hippo
Date of birth:Unknown (81,425 B.S.R.)
Age:Unknown, believed to be thousands of years old (83,425)
Language(s):Ifuru can communicate with any creature.
Race:Beast Gods
Occupation History
Occupation(s):God of Revelry and Fertility

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The harvest's done, offerings burnt, and so leave off your burdens for we have lain garlands of song and struck upon wellsprings of unmixed wine.

–The Hippo

An often ignored and widely misunderstood deity among the Beast Gods, Ifuru is the patron God of many small folk and small county lords. Ifuru is mainly the god of alcohol and by extension agriculture, which after all makes alcohol production possible. For those reasons Ifuru has greater popularity in rural areas where farming is the main source of income. If one pleases the Hippo his harvests can be multiplied, but this is a double edged sword as the Hippo is quick to pour out His wrath should His mood swing. The fire hippo often appears in pools of water in desert oases where Ifuru's intense body heat evaporates the water, creating plumes of steam around Him.



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