Yѡi Ѵda`iѵuni I`бyedo

Banner of the Prince


Map of I'byed

Official languages:Vuscovi, Voovin
Demonym:I'byedi, Voonisian[1]
Government:Absolute Monarchy

- Prince: Chegeкy Ume`sѡote (Ҁegeкy Umѥ`ѡote)

Part of:FlagNakon Vasque
State religion:Wolf Druidism, Nhж`wiy
Formation:1795 S.R.
Geography & Demographics
Population:630,000 (99% Men)
Ethnic groups:Vuscovi (99%), Other (1%)
National minorities:Wilushan people (Wilushan Highlands)
Currency:Zloty (ż)(?)
Core industries:Wool felts, furs, native jewellery (commonly fashioned from polished blackwood, bone, obsidian and pele’s hair), native textiles
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I'byed (Vuscovi: Yѡi Ѵda`iѵuni I`бyedo; trans. "The Principality of I'byed"; IPA: [ˈaɪ.bjɛd]; eye-byed)) is a northeast principality of Vasque and an unrecognised self-declared autonomous state.

In the wake of the Great Voonisian famine that swallowed up the post-war lands of Vasque into an abyss of depravity, Prince Toh`ugua of I`byed declared himself no longer aligned to the weak and foolish Tsars of Zarinsk, who due to their collective inability to claim victory, inarguably failed in the Second War for Fatherland. Seeing the famine as punishment from Velkhwiy, dealt to the Voonisians for their failure to defend Its[2] lands from the Stallion traitors of whom ignorantly reaped the bounties of Its essence without sovereign permission. In what would be known as the Three Day War, I'byed violently succeeded from the Tsardom, with only frail, hungry peasantry and whatever spindly numbers of regional soldiers not sworn to the service of Toh`ugua providing any resistance to his divinely ordained rulership.

Whilst as a city-state it is undisputed in its independence, the Princes of I'byed have long wrestled with the armies of the Tsar for control of the surrounding lands and villages. Whilst capable of providing subsistence agriculture for itself, due to an Empyrian embargo placed on all the principalities of Vasque following the civil war, divorcing it from most opportunities to trade abroad, the city has no choice but to exploit the surrounding lands of its resources so that it can effectively produce tools, weapons and building supplies, and so that is has a reliable source of gold, silver and obsidian to more effectively trade with other Vasqui Principalities.


  1. This demonym - which is derived from the Vuscovi root "Voonis", which means simply "(the) north" - can be acceptable on a basis not referring to nationality or Wolf sect, however it absolutely must be used in the correct context, lest the unwary user will see themselves beaten in the streets or shot in the back.
  2. Velkhwiy is an androgynous deity, with its correct Vuscovi pronoun being N`e, which generally translates to the English "Its".