Hygrra̋s Styrre

The Flag of Hygrras

Motto:The Son of The Wolf Fears Nothing

Map of Hygrras

Largest City:Hranice
Official languages:Rus
Government:Semi-feudalistic despotism

- Kasi-Kaier Ædelstan

Legislature:The Diet of the Chiefs, Tribes, and Captains.
State religion:Wolf Druidism
Geography & Demographics
Population:29,100 (99% Men)
Ethnic groups:?
Core industries:Mercenaries, furs, contraband, whale blubber
Primary imports:Alcohol, carpentry

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As a man speaking to men, I must be honest. But as a king speaking to men, I must refrain. Tonight, we are under the shade of the moon that Red-Eyes calls upon. Bring down low those on horse-back. Raise up high to the moon.

–Burgher-King Yrimogrador on the Faithful Day, the day on which the Giants were driven out of the northernmost islands of Hygrras.

A nation founded by bastards, outcasts, and pirates of every stripe who have laid claim to the mostly inhospitable string of islands of the Northern Sea. Their version of The Wolf is known as the “God of Red Eyes.”

History, According to the Druids Edit

As the Red Priests have written, the Wolf was the first to try to tame the beasts and the wilds. But even the power of the Wolf, red in eye and tooth and claw, could not overwhelm the spirits of nature. Thus, the Wolf chose to champion nature. Though, this is all lost on the men and women of Hygrras.

The desolate isles of Hygrras was settled soon by various tribes that originated from Braeden. Over the generations, their small camps began to reorganize themselves into the villages that viciously contend for the coast and arable land. But on the largest and most fertile island, Vyngraed, the tribe of Yri consolidated their power over the surrounding tribes. The chief of Yri - then the man named Yri-Podgen - began to develop raiding tactics towards the tribes of coastal Braeden. These lightning raids struck hard and fast, however the more developed, more organized, and certainly more numerous tribes of Braeden were able to push back the raids.

So the Yri began to delve into more dishonorable methods of procuring wealth. Trade. Using their ships, they were able to establish trade relations with northern Gilderdammen and

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