House Hassak

Religious affiliation:The Bull
Leader(s):Saare Hassak
Notable members:Ahkmos Flamefist
Based in:Hakeshar
Status & Relations
Current status:Active
Historical Information
Work In Progress
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Not to be confused with Hassek
House Hassak is a minor noble house of Hakeshar. Its head, Lady Hassak, is a woman of a near half century with the features of a lady half her age. Her husband, the once great bannerman Ahkmos Flamefist, was crippled shortly after their marriage, leaving him involuntarily cuckolded by his wife’s army of suitors and producing no legal heir to the Hassak estate. The army of suitors, however, provided an army of bastards, known collectively as Hassak’s Host, which function as Lady Hassak’s own personal legion, independent from the House’s bannermen, in the hopes that the most valued child will be named heir.

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