House El-Ram


Religious affiliation:The Bull & The Spider
Notable members:Pharaohs of the El-Ram Dynasty
Primary goal(s):Acquire wealth and glory
Based in:Dominion of the Black Sun, Great Kingdom of the South
Status & Relations
Current status:Extinct
Historical Information
Work In Progress
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House el-Ram was once among the greatest and most powerful families in all The Shining South. Their collusion with Dahlia bin-Gozen in the early days of her rise to power assured them a place in the power structure of the coming Dominion of the Black Sun. Their star rose even higher during the golden age of the Great Kingdom when General Nimaatre el-Ram successfully overthrew the Akhtoy Dynasty, securing the throne of the Pharaohs for his family. Though they did not survive the Interregnum following the fall of the Great Kingdom, their legacy endures thanks to the descendants of their slaves who bear the surname -Ram.

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