House El-Gozen


Religious affiliation:The Spider
Leader(s):Dahlia bin-Gozen
Notable members:Dahlia bin-Gozen, the Pharaohs Gozen and Neo-Gozen Dynasties
Based in:Dominion of the Black Sun, Great Kingdom of the South
Status & Relations
Current status:Nearly Extinct
Historical Information
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The original El-Gozen family was among the original Quelosqi clans, dating back to its days as a simple circle of huts. The family would have been completely unremarkable if not for the series of events following the patriarch's decision to trade his youngest daughter Dahlia to the maker of canoes as a bride. The adolescent Dahlia found this arrangement not to her liking, and fled into the wilderness. She returned the following year, though she was unrecognizable to her family and was now calling herself the "Bride of the Spider". She stayed only long enough to poison her kin before traveling to Zardezram, a city she eventually wrested control of and renamed.

Soon after she quarreled with Solanshar, seeking to add the city and its territories to her possessions. Her victory was assured when she persuaded the Solani champions Azar and Azam el-Hake to defect to her camp. Renaming Solanshar in honor of the brothers, she named her lands the Dominion of the Black Sun and aspired to the conquest of Maram so as to possess all of the lands of the Madaharine River.


Gozen DynastyEdit

The main line of the family, descending from Dahlia and Azar el-Hake. The line of Dahlia's daughters would rule as Dominatrices of the Dominion of the Black Sun until the unification of the South. Later Inkhnaton, one of her male descendants would become first the regent for the absentee Alabastrine King, then the first Pharaoh.

Neo-Gozen DynastyEdit

The cadet branch, descending from Dahlia and Azam el-Hake. Centuries after the fall of the main Gozen Dynasty, Pharaoh Emisum would use the resources of the Great Kingdom to find the long lost descendants of Dahlia and Azam, declaring them his heirs. The Neo-Gozen line was the last dynasty of Pharaohs to rule the Great Kingdom

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