Helmuth Erdmann
Date of birth:1706 S.R.
Date of death:Unknown
Age:23 (at the time he disappeared)
Nationality:Sigiswald, Gilderdammen
Language(s):Imperial Tearvin, Zardezi
Occupation History
Occupation(s):Military Officer
Affiliations:Gilderdammen, Church of The Stallion
Status:Unknown, descended the Steps of the Black Pool.
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Helmuth Erdmann (Tearvin: Ћелмўтх Ердманн) was a Sigiswalder military officer and interim governor of Gozenram until his disappearance.

When the forces of Gilderdammen invaded The Shining South and successfully took the city of Gozenram, Helmuth Erdmann was assigned as the interim governor. His garrison force was responsible for the pacification of the populace in preparation of a wave of missionaries, and for keeping the city's port safe for incoming supplies and reinforcements. He made the decision to keep Mussabin-Mustaad Dokumaci under house arrest, hoping to use the former ruler as a figurehead. When the locals formed a violent resistance movement, Erdmann responded with swift investigations, arrests, and convictions by military tribunal; raising a veritable forest of gallows outside the palace. Eventually, he was tricked into antagonizing Ashur-Ram by the Reverend-Weaver of The Spider. The magician was prepared to destroy the garrison and the docked ships, but Erdmann effectively bartered his servitude in exchange for the lives of the men under his command. Ashur-Ram demanded that the soldiers depart on their ships and that Erdmann brave the Steps of the Black Pool, the gateway to his mysterious domain. Erdmann did so, and was never known to have emerged in The Known Lands again. This episode was a major contributing factor in the failure of the Ride of Southern Liberation.

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