Crusader State of Hassek
Hâßec Þƿîgyaden Styrre
FlagHassek ArmsHassek

War Banner and Arms of Hassek

Motto:We Stand Tall
Anthem:Light Over Abominable Darkness[1]

Map of Hassek

Largest City:Hammerdal
Official languages:Altan, Daltan, Tearvin, Vuscovi, Rus
Government:Military Theocracy

- Knight-Commander: Sir Ottokar Gottschalk

Legislature:Senior Knights of the Northern Lights

- Members ?

State religion:Church of The Stallion
Formation:1025 SR
Geography & Demographics
Population:18,750 (99% Men)
Ethnic groups:60% Ruscalvingauls, 10% Daltanes, 10% Altanes, 10% Tearvingauls, 10% Vuscavites
Currency:Lira, Mancus, Moidore(?)
Core industries:fish, furs, giant crafts, mithril
Primary imports:ale, armor, cannons, canvas, gunpowder, guns, hand tools, preserved food, wine
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The Crusader State of Hassek (Rus: Hâßec Þƿîgyaden Styrre tr: Hássek Thwígyaden Styrree) is a tiny outpost of human civilization in the frozen wasteland in The Gloaming North, its knights ward the south from Ice Giant aggression. The “Crusader State,” is a highly militant, multi-ethnic nation. It consists of a series of small forts, hunting lodges, and a few pathetic villages of fishermen and herdsmen.


The Ride to End Giant Aggression (1025 - 1041 S.R.)Edit

Weary of Giant raids from the far north, the Equinex Archelaus II calls for the “Ride to End Giant Aggression,” and grants all the nations of the north a joint Mandate of the Hassek Coast. Crusaders from Delvarra, Gilderdammen, Irriander, Luddovicco, Morbihannan, Nevira, Suddesco, Tyvic, and Zilaresco cross the North Sea and drive the Giants from the Hassek Coast, forcing them all the way back into the glacial mountain ranges. A Crusader colony remains on Hassek to form a bulwark against future Giant invasion.


  1. Or in the native Rus: "Addar ðőgyel sændrygyn teƿê".