Sigiswald FlagSigiswald2
Design A red square with a white border within a gold border, and a displayed golden eagle enclosed by a wreath upon a lightning bolt in the centre of the field
Adopted: unknown
Proportion: 1:1
Use: State flag
Alternate flag(s): FlagSigiswaldStateEnsign

- State Ensign
- Civil flag
-Civil ensign
-War flag
-Naval ensign

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The State Flag is used on all edifices of state as a symbol of nationality and authority, however in most other circumstances they are largely superseded by the far popular Civil Flag of Sigiswald, and are used nation-wide as a symbol of nationality. The State Ensign is flown by government ships, however due to the nation being landlocked, is only ever commonly seen on boats sailing on the River Regnosse.

The field of the Civil Flag is decorated in the ancient Tervingaul colour of red, covered in a white cross symbolic in colour to adherence to The Stallion and in shape of readiness and assertiveness. The symbology of the cross itself is unknown, however it is speculated that it is a reference to the embossed "plus" shape found at the top of some traditional Tearvingallic bronze helmets long before the founding of Gilderdammen. It may perhaps also be a reference to the symbology of a sword and its cross guard, evoking images of heroism, righteous battle and protection. The Civil Ensign is flown by civil ships, most especially merchant ships abroad, to denote nationality.

The War Flag and Naval Ensign are flown by all Sigiswalder military forces, even when stationed away from the front lines.

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