Gilderdammen FlagGilderdammenSmall
Design Horizontal bicolour of dark blue and red defaced with the Arms of Gilderdammen in the centre of the field
Adopted: 675 S.R.
Proportion: 2:3
Use: State flag (de facto)
Alternate flag(s): FlagGilderdammenBasic

- Civil flag (de facto)
-Civil and state ensign
-War flag
-Naval ensign
-State flag (hanging)

Earlier versions: {{{earlierversions}}}

The most recognisable flag of Gilderdammen with the bicolour of dark blue and red with the national arms in the centre of the field is known as the Imperial banner. Expensive to produce due to its rich tapestry of colours and details, this banner variant is only ever seen in use by the upper classes and on government administrational buildings, and as a result, functions as the de facto State Flag.

The Imperial Colour Flag, the variant without the coat of arms, is the most popularly flown flag of Gilderdammen. The dark blue in the upper half of the hoist represents the brotherhood of nations that is Gilderdammen, operating - at least in principle - upon fair grounds in equality and honesty. The red in the lower half is the ancient colour of the Tearvingallic people.

The War Flag is free to be flown by pan-Gilderdammen military forces in times of war. It has rarely seen use due to the Empire’s long history of internal conflict, where it is eschewed for national war flags decorated in the colours of the internal states and territories. The Naval Ensign is flown by pan-Gilderdammen Naval forces. Like the war flag, is commonly rejected in favour of national naval ensigns.

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