Delvarra FlagDelvarra2
Design A horizontal triband of black, white, and black (1:4:1), defaced by the simplified arms of Delvarra in the centre left of the field
Adopted: 1892 S.R.
Proportion: 3:5
Use: State Flag
Alternate flag(s): FlagDelvarraCivil

- Civil flag
- National Ensign

Earlier versions: {{{earlierversions}}}

The State Flag of Delvarra features a simplified emblazon of Delvarra in the center left, mantled in gold. The white the center symbolises adherence to The Stallion, yet the meaning of the black is obscure. Its most widespread interpretation is “purity”, as it is said that the first banners of the Daltane peoples used black pigments that only later faded to green, the now widespread traditional colour of the Daltane people. Whilst officially the State Flag, it is used widely as the national flag of Delvarra by citizens and state alike.

The Civil Flag is a simplified horizontal triband of white (top and bottom) and black, and is favourable by many due to its cheapness to produce.

The National Ensign is flown by all Delvarran ships when at sea. Royal and Governmental vessels often additionally fly the State Flag with the ensign to signify authority.